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Quick question regarding the Tenshutsu Todoke form. Visa. Hey there! I'm moving back home in three weeks, and want to claim back my pension after I leave, so I've just been to my local city office and filed the tenshutsu todoke. My question - are they meant to give you anything back?

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When you moved into your city, you had to trot down to the city hall/ward office and notify them of it. When you leave, you need to do the same thing. Go in and ask for a tenshutsu todoke (moving out form) and fill it in on the spot. It takes five minutes and is necessary for tax, pension refund and future visa purposes.

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転入届 (tennyuu-todoke) – "Notification of moving in" at the ward/administrative office for the new address you are moving to This is an example form, taken from the English version of the change of address form from Minato Ward in Tokyo.

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Therefore, you must send other documents issued by municipal office, such as the Moving Out Form (tenshutsu todoke, 転出届け) and/or a Certificate of Residence (juminhyo, 住民票) with as much info on it as possible (including past addresses and deleted records if applicable).

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If you have submitted a Moving Out Notice (tenshutsu todoke, 転出届) to your municipal office, the Japan Pension Service will be able to confirm the submission and your moving-out date directly with your municipal office. You will not have to submit separately the Johyo or another document proving you no longer reside in Japan in this case.

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tenshyutsu todoke wo itadakitaidesu. I would like to get the “Notification of Moving-out” form. You will need: Your Residence Card (在留カード, zairyuu kaado) the date you will move out (転出予定日, tenshutsu yoteibi) Here is an example from Setagaya-ku of a Moving-Out Notice that is mailed in.

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Ở Nhật, thủ tục này được gọi là 転出届 (Tenshutsu Todoke). Bạn sẽ làm thủ tục này tại Kuyakusho hoặc Shiyakusho trước khi chuyển nhà từ 1 đến 2 tuần.

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To do this, head on over to your nearest Japan Post office and pick-up one of their 転居届 (tenkyo todoke – Notification of Relocation) and submit it to the Post Office section, The form contains proper English, so it is thankfully very straightforward. Hand it over to the Post Office clerk and you’re good to go!

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To register your address at a city or ward office, bring your passport and Residence Card. If you are registering family members, also bring your marriage certificate and your children’s birth certificates, as well as Japanese translations of these documents. If it is the first time you are coming to live in Japan, your My Number (マイ ...