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Lateral epicondylitis - or "tennis elbow" - is the most common affliction of the elbow, affecting athletes who frequently perform repetitive motions. Dorland's Medical Dictionary (28th edition, pg.564) describes epicondylitis as an inflammation of the epicondyle, or of the tissues adjoining the epicondyle of the humerus.

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How to Lift Weights with Elbow Pain Consider starting your program with range-of-motion exercises for the elbow joint to decrease stiffness If the elbow muscles feel tense and guarded then warm them up first with an elbow massage. When initiating exercises, start with low weight, a light resistance ...

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Yes - You Can Get Tennis Elbow From Weightlifting!

Yes - You Can Get Tennis Elbow From Weightlifting! Yes - You Can Get Tennis Elbow From Weightlifting! Tennis elbow doesn’t just happen to tennis players. In fact, the name is somewhat misleading. The technical term for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis. But if you don’t work in the sports injury or medical field, this might not mean much either.

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Elbow Pain When Lifting Weights: Tennis Elbow vs Golfer’s Elbow. December 30, 2020. Don’t let the laymen’s terms fool you – you don’t have to be a tennis player or a golfer to suffer from tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow. In fact, many athletes, workout enthusiasts and weight lifting newcomers experience elbow pain from these conditions due to incorrect form while lifting weights.

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To reduce the swelling, you can ice it. The problem is, tennis elbow tends to pop back up if you don’t strengthen the muscles, he adds. So, as soon as you notice you have tennis elbow, you ...

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To prevent further strain and overuse of the forearm and elbow: Avoid moving into the end range of motion with your wrist. Take frequent breaks if you must do repetitive activities, including sustained gripping. When lifting heavy items, keep your elbow slightly bent. Use a two handed grip where ...